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Q: Will you be introducing new products?

A: Absolutely! We plan to have SON LiFE car decals available very soon.

We are continually working on new designs as well. Other potential products include bracelets, totes, Bible covers, and more.

We also may add a photography line in the future as well.

If you have requests for different color options (designs and/or shirt) shoot us an email and we may consider adding/changing product variables.

Q: What's up with the lower case i in all the designs?

A: One thing the Lord has taught me (though I fought it tooth and nail)...He is to be #1, others are to be #2, and i am to be way, way down the pecking order. Humble yourselves!

Q: How are the designs created?

A: All design ideas start with a thought (God-inspired, perhaps!); followed by a quick sketch; then a more precise, hand-drawn design; that gets put into a software program for minor tweaks and to prepare it for printing. Every now and then I start having some fun with the software so you may occasionally see a design with a bit more computer work than most, but generally I want to keep designs very simple...even elementary.




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