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In The Beginning

For years I struggled with God's purpose for my life (Beyond being a husband and a father). I dabbled in several things, but nothing seemed to stick.

One day while I was working on a schedule for the evening's baseball practice [I coached my son's team] God lay on my heart and mind an idea to reach people for Christ, His Son. I immediately dropped what I was doing and began to sketch the original logo for SON LiFE Designs! Moments later came the slogan – “LiVE RiGHT and SHiNE™”.

After all, this is what it’s all about! Jesus, God’s Son, died on a cross, was buried, rose again on the third day just so you and I can freely receive the gift of salvation. And what does He ask in return – to love Him and seek an intimate relationship with Him through His Son. Then we must go forth, be obedient, and shine so God might be glorified.

From there I ran the idea past my family, who not-so-gleefully said, "Neat." Not the greatest of endorsements, but it was enough for me!

I began to work on designs; learn techniques; learn all I could about the process of forming a business, creating a website, taxes, trademarks, etc., etc., etc.; and lots of research, research, research.

More than a year later and here we are up and running and giving the glory to God!


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