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Meet Markus

*Note: This page exists solely to glorify God and to inspire others that no matter your circumstance God's love, grace, and mercy are more than sufficient. This is a story of God's work of redemption in a repentant heart ...

Markus Hinkle is the owner, designer, webmaster, and manager of SON LiFE Designs LLC. But make no mistake...this is God's company...and without Him, and the love and support of his family, Markus knows he is worth less than a cheap Christian T-Shirt.

Markus’s birth name is Mark. He was to be Matthew, but his cousin, born a month prior, received that name instead. Logically, he was then named for the author of the second book of the New Testament. Thank the Lord he didn’t have cousins already named Mark, Luke, or John! Acts Hinkle just doesn’t roll off the tongue very well. After college he chose to go by Markus on a regular basis – partly because several family members, as well as teachers, would call him Markus when he “was in trouble” (which was quite often so he heard that name ALOT!) and partly because, on some subconscious level, perhaps he believed he couldn’t truly live up to the name of one of the authors of a Gospel – yikes, them’s some big shoes to fill, right?!

Markus grew up in a Christian home with Godly parents, who nurtured him in the ways of the Lord. Well that makes it awfully easy to be a Christian, right? Not so fast! Although his salvation was secured, he spent the vast majority of his life in rebellion to the Truth he knew deep in his soul. There was not a commandment he didn’t break (multiple times!) nor a sin he didn’t commit. He was living directly opposite to Christ’s command and to the mission of his calling. Instead of living right and shining he was doing a whole lot of wrong and creating a gigantic cloud of darkness and gloom around himself and anyone close to him. This lifestyle was by no means what he wanted – he tried very hard, and prayed often for God to help him. At times he felt God didn’t love him and had abandoned him. He was nearly ready to give up completely.

BUT GOD is a faithful, loving, and merciful Father with perfect timing for His perfect plan! He used a state of rock-bottomness, a faithfully praying wife, and a repentant heart to make Markus finally open his eyes and open his heart and realize it wasn’t God that wasn’t helping – it was his own unwillingness to surrender to God and allow Him to take control that was keeping him from living the way God had intended. It’s funny how, when we are dealing with the mighty Creator of the universe, giving up is actually a good thing! Markus found peace and joy and love where once lived guilt, sorrow and hate. That, ladies and gentlemen, is called transformation by the Holy Spirit – and it’s AWESOME! With a renewed spirit, Markus set out to do the Lord’s will in all things. Unfortunately, he wasn’t quite sure what God’s will and purpose was for his life, but he did know he wanted others to know the saving grace of his Savior, Jesus Christ. One day he heard from God (yep…God does still talk to His people…if they shut up and listen). God lay on his heart and mind an idea to reach people for Christ, His Son. Markus dropped what he was doing immediately and began to sketch the original design for Son Life Designs! Moments later came the slogan – “LiVE RiGHT and SHiNE™ ”. After all, this is what it’s all about! Jesus, God’s Son, died on a cross, was buried, rose again on the third day just so you and I can freely receive the gift of salvation. And what does He ask in return – to love Him and seek an intimate relationship with Him through His Son.  Markus realized that if he did that he wouldn’t have to try so hard and feel so defeated when he doesn’t always hit the mark – he could just be - and God would help him through all the rest. Freedom from the burden of performance frees us to love God and love others and to joyfully serve Him in all we do. It frees us to LiVE RiGHT and SHiNE!

Markus wants to inspire others, but he also knows the constant reminders in his designs also help him keep his eyes on Jesus...especially when temptation rears it's ugly head.

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