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Vision Statement

SON LiFE Designs LLC intends to start small and grow as the Lord desires and leads. Initially products will be sold exclusively online.

In the near future we plan to have products manufactured here in Wilmington, NC to be sold at events, fairs, and festivals throughout southeastern North Carolina.

Our hope, Lord willing, is to grow the business to the point of establishing our own production/shipping facility in, or around Hampstead, NC, providing jobs to the community and helping boost the local economy.

Our further hope, Lord willing, is to grow the business from a local voice to a national voice to, perhaps, even an international voice for spreading the Gospel. Potentially we could partner with Christian book/novelty stores willing to sell our products in their various locations. There is also the potential to partner with church youth groups to produce merchandise specific to their needs. Likewise, partnering with Christian colleges throughout the country on licensing deals for our Logo Design and slogan to be used in accordance with merchandise specific to the particular college is a possibility for, and future consideration of, Son Life Designs LLC.

Our ultimate desire is for SON LiFE Designs to grow to the point whereby we can donate 100% of our profits to charity. This will be our fervent prayer and we believe there is nothing impossible with God!

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